SPIN - Smart Polish Investors' Network

A community of Polish investors and entrepreneurs based in the UK. We share knowledge and experience with the support of a strong peer network. We are like-minded people who meet for many years. We have created several local meet- up groups where deep and authentic business relationships and JVs are formed. Come to us. We have cookies.

Banita Maxx

Located in Watford, UK, Banita Maxx Radio started broadcasting in 2009. This Polish radio station plays a mix of modern dance music, club rhythms and the classics of the seventies, eighties and nineties

Money Grabbing

Saving and earning in the UK. A blog and advice centre created and run by Radoslaw Salak. A consultant, engineer, blogger, investor and entrepreneur who wants to retire by the age of 55 the latest. You can find there a dozens of tips relating to saving and making money.

Twoj Prospekt

A London based magazine for Polish community in the capital and the whole UK that covers business, entrepreneurship and marketing.

TV Polonijna

Polish TV created from passion. Live coverage specialists and film production and post production with profesional equipment and highly skilled operators.

SLT Media

An advertising agency with offices in London and Coventry serving Polish and British clients either large and medium companies as well as on-man-band enterprise.
We can help with brand strategy, marketing, graphic design, web design and social media