Dr. Slawomir Mentzen – ECONOMY AND TAXES

Entrepreneur, investor, tax advisor, author, media personality, politician, CEO of a large network of Mentzen Kancelaria tax firm that has helped their clients save tens of millions in taxes. He also ran a hunting and shooting store.

He graduated in economics and theoretical physics at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń. He also has a phD in economics.

Founder of Mentzen Brewery beer brand (will be available to taste at Investcamp).🍺

He invested almost all his savings in bitcoin in 2013.

A libertarian, with vocal talent, and creator of XD philosophy.


Experienced investor in real estate and precious metals, entrepreneur, journalist, traveler, writer, has a degree in quantum chemistry, creator of the Asbiro University where only entrepreneurs teach students..

Enjoys travel and adventure – has visited 151 countries,

Active in the Carl Menger Institute Foundation, publishes children’s stories about entrepreneurship as part of the Young Millionaires Academy.

Fan of the Austrian school of economics.
Spent several years in the USA and Mexico, currently lives in Poland and Spain https://milionerstwo.pl/o-mnie/



Wytłumaczy i wyliczy dlaczego 👉Bridging jest tańszy niż JV
Specjalizuje się w specjalistycznych kredytach komercyjnych, bridging loans czy development finance. Uwielbia aplikacje “trudne” i nie uznaje słowa “niemożliwe”
Popularne commercial conversion np budynkow komercyjnych z przerobieniem na rezydenckie albo odwrotnie. Multi Unit Block of Flats, może Title Split, finansowanie New Build.
A może zakup domu pod szybki remont i uwolnienie kapitalu tak zwany bridging finance. HMO czy Mixed Use.
• Zaczynała jako Letting Agent zarządzając  głownie HMO.
Ukończyla Level 2 Diploma in Business Administration Development
Zdobyła kwalifikacje na doradcę finansowego CEMAP – Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice – The London Institute of Banking and Finance
Uczennica Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors- rzeczoznawca wycen nieruchomości rezydenckich, komercyjnych i wyceny ziemi


Chairman of the board of Blue Timber Group SA. Businessman, stock market investor. 100% y/y revenue growth for 3 years, 10MLN revenue in 2021. Over 10,000 trees planted, 35 employees…. and this is just the beginning.

• Wants to reverse the trend of Casimir the Great, who found Poland of wood and left it of stone.

• Co-founder of Drewno-Dla-Domu brand, which combined wholesale and retail timber and E-commerce sectors.

• Founder of Oxygen FOREST Poland sp z o.o. which carries out the mission to plant one million trees in Poland.

• Author of the book ‘Mathematical Formula for Success’. Founder of the ‘Polish Entrepreneurship Institute Foundation’, which organizes classes with entrepreneurs in schools.

A husband and father of a few months old Victoria, passionate about sport and stock market investments.


Mike’s name as one can easily guess is Martin . He is a cryptocurrency evangelist and investor.

In the Polish crypto scene everyone knows him  and he knows everyone. He likes to talk but he also knows how to listen.His online meetings last several hours and the participants do not get bored and do not leave the room.

He has made money and lost some in the crypto market, not once, not twice. He remembers ‘revolutionary’ projects, so called BTC or ETH killers that even google forgot about.

He actively fights fraudsters on the crypto market, and is not affraid calling a scam a scam. Creator of a very popular channel https://www.youtube.com/c/MikeSatoshi




Bartłomiej Sokołowki – PROPERTY

Builds, renovates, converts, flips, invests. 16 years in the industry.
Renovation, loft conversion, garage conversion, extension or maybe a new build?
He knows how to:
– calculate GDV –  a project’s value after completion
– calculate the real cost of renovation/construction and PROFIT
– cooperate with construction team
– negotiate with suppliers the best prices and delivery dates of materials
– liaise with Building Control
– take care of utilities connections: gas, water, electricity 
– deal with investors

He built a small development in Sheffield recently and currently has 15 houses estate in the planning stages with a GDV of £5,250,000, is doing a “small-ish” flip, three development projects and… still looking for new ones.


Daniel Konieczny – TRANSFORMATION

He will lead the Fire Walking at the camp. The act of walking barefoot over glowing coals🔥.

Daniel Konieczny is an international results coach, trainer, mentor, investor.

He worked with Mercedes-Benz, HSBS bank, BoyleSports. He supports with his knowledge and experience people from politics, celebrities  and sportsmen. Winner of the Professional Speakers Academy Hall of Fame Award.

By day, he lives and works in Dublin in Ireland, while doing business around the world.

Daniel will turn your Financial Thermostat 🧭 to a higher temperature so you can spread your wings, walk through the fire and change your life for the better.